NAME: DJ Lady Blaze
AGE: 38
MOTIVATION: The Struggle 
TALENT: DJ, Sound/Recording Engineer, Executive Producer, Songwriter, Rapper
REPRESENTATION: Rock Solid Entertainment LLC., Maryland,

Born in Washington DC, DJ Lady Blaze was raised in music. She grew up around her talented father that was not only a DJ, but also a sound engineer. Growing up, Lady Blaze was not into music much. This lady was very quiet and to herself. She didn't discover a real love for music until the age of 19.

Strongly influenced by her dad amongst other DJ's, this lady learned the skills of djing by watching and listening to others. Today, DJ Lady Blaze is an all around entertainer. Not only does she DJ, she is the CEO of Rock Solid Entertainment LLC., she is an audio engineer, song writer, and rapper. Aggressive enough to hold her own in a dominated mans world, this lady does so with looks and skills. Music is her life and she strives to be the best at whatever it is she does.

On the scene, DJ Lady Blaze has been a working force doing numerous events. Currently, she is working diligently to take the world by storm. With mixtapes circulating, a heavy buzz in the streets, collaborations with many publications, and other entertainers, she is getting alot of exposure. With the backing of Rock Solid Entertainment, LLC., she is destined for the top! "I got next"!!
DJ Lady Blaze 
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